Client: Università La Sapienza di Roma (Thesis Project, Master in Product Design)


-Packaging for handmade tortillas in Guatemala City-

PAQ’PAQ’ is a new model to replace the use of plastic bags to keep and carry tortillas. A package was designed using sugarcane paper to take advantage of one of the main crops planted in Guatemala. As a product and graphic designer, my aim was to present how to manage a project focused on solving in a sustainable way a very tangible and current issue in my home country.

This project shows how creativity can help find feasible solutions with local and accessible resources.

“I wanted to start a project that gave something back to my country. It is based on the fact that I missed “home” and its food. Living in Italy and Spain taught me a lot about loving local food since both Italians and Spanish love their own foods; not only because they’re great, but also because they created them and eat them every day.”

Project Videos: